Five projects have been selected to receive £40-60,000 in funding from the Health Foundation’s Taking action on the social determinants of health programme.

The Health Foundation has selected five projects to take part in its new programme to improve people’s health by taking action on the social determinants of health.

The grant programme is funding partnership projects between UK Public Health Network organisations and partners from outside the public health community. 

The social determinants of health, also known as the ‘wider determinants of health’ are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. This includes a wide range of social, cultural, political, economic, commercial and environmental factors. This programme acknowledges that improving people’s health requires lasting change in all sectors of society, including government, the voluntary sector and local communities.

We called on UK Public Health Network organisations to partner with organisations that work in or can influence the social determinants of health, exploring innovative ways to work across sectors. The projects address issues affecting their local communities, including social integration, isolation and loneliness, adverse childhood experiences, and understanding of the prevalence of financial insecurity.

Tim Elwell-Sutton, Assistant Director for Healthy Lives at the Health Foundation said:

'We know that the physical, social and economic environments people live in have a huge impact on their health. These project teams will work with a wide range of organisations from beyond the health sector to find ways of giving people better opportunities to live healthy, productive lives.' 

Five projects have been awarded £40–60,000 and each will run for 12–18 months. We aim to share learnings from the projects in 2020, as part of our wider work on health inequalities and our role in Health Equity in England: Marmot 10 years on.

The projects are:

  1. Creating ACE-informed places: promoting a whole-system approach to tackling adverse childhood experiences in local communities
    Led by Association of Directors of Public Health, with partners including the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, and the Institute of Health Visiting.
  2. Local financial insecurity and debt indicator set
    Led by Faculty of Public Health with UK Health Forum and Citizens Advice, in partnership with the Office for National Statistics, Public Health England, Institute of Health Equity, Step Change and Money Advice Trust.
  3. Better Together: Improving the health of older people in Swansea
    Led by Public Health Wales, with Action for Elders and Bay Health GP Cluster Network
  4. Community Assets, Participation and Integration: Taking Action Locally (CAPITAL)
    Led by Public Health Wales, with Tai Pawb and the Wales Strategic Migration Partnership
  5. The Community Spirit Level
    Led by Royal Society for Public Health, with Locality

Contact at the Health Foundation

Clare Smyth
Programme Officer 
020 7257 4662

About this programme


Taking action on the social determinants of health

A grant programme for UK Public Health Network organisations to work with partners from outside of...

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