Today's figures show safety net of NHS at risk of breaking down Health Foundation response to NHS England monthly performance statistics

13 December 2019

Responding to today's NHS England monthly performance statistics, Dr Rebecca Fisher, GP and Senior Policy Fellow, at the Health Foundation, said: 

‘This morning the prime minister said the NHS was his ‘top priority’ and today’s figures show the scale of the task ahead for the new government. November saw the NHS’s worst performance on record for A&E waiting times.

‘Without more money and more staff it will be challenging for the NHS to reverse the current deterioration. The NHS also needs funding to implement long term changes to services, from hospitals to general practice, that can keep people healthier for longer.

‘Our analysis shows that the NHS will need an increase of £20bn by 2023-24 just to maintain standards of care but more will be needed to improve services. The £18bn extra promised by the Conservatives during the election campaign falls short of what is needed. As a result we can’t expect to see performance stabilise let alone improve any time soon.

‘No solution for the NHS can be complete without action on social care. Too many older people and younger people with disabilities do not have the support they need to live safely and independently.

‘The safety net is the NHS, but even this is at risk of breaking down if the government does not act swiftly.’

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