• Team principally based at the University of Manchester will be leading a research project on health and social care devolution in Greater Manchester.
  • Two year project funded by the Health Foundation and NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester.
  • Will explore the process of devolution, informing national and local policy and leaders in Greater Manchester.
  • Will be responsive to findings and events as they appear, and will use a range of methods to collect data on topics of interest.

The research team will be co-led by Professor Kieran Walshe and Professor Ruth MacDonald, and encompasses individuals with a range of relevant expertise including health and social care policy, local government, health and social care economics, and organisational dynamics.

The project will explore three broad topics:

  • Understanding policy development and the policy process. As devolution is implemented in Greater Manchester they will build understanding of how local leaders achieve it, and what they expect from the process.
  • Describing and analysing governance, accountability, and organisational forms – understanding how they change as part of devolution, and the costs associated with making changes.
  • Mapping plans for changes in the way services are delivered. The team will identify key initiatives in Greater Manchester looking to change services and analyse them. They will understand what the initiatives entail, how they plan to meet their goals, and set out how their progress can be measured.

The research will explore subsidiarity, integration and efficiency and effectiveness as part of each of the above topics. Because changes are happening rapidly in Greater Manchester the work will be emergent and flexible – allowing activities to be responsive to events. The team will use a range of methods including in-depth interviews with stakeholders, observations, documentary review and exploring the wider literature.

The project has been co-designed with key Greater Manchester stakeholders, and will support their development of the devolution programme. Findings on how devolution is evolving and the barriers and approaches taken in Manchester will also be of use to national policy makers and other areas applying for and implementing devolved health and care. 

Contact details

For more information please contact Donna Buxton, Research Manager at the Health Foundation, Kieran Walshe, Professor of Health Policy and Management, or Ruth MacDonald, Professor of Health Science Research and Policy at the University of Manchester. 

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