• Research to support the development, testing and evaluation of a web version of the Measurement Planning Tool. The original tool was designed to help healthcare Quality Improvement (QI) teams plan measurement effectively.
  • Led by Dr Thomas Woodcock and Miss Yewande Adeleke at Imperial College London.
  • Due to complete July 2018.

The researchers will carry out web design and development, user testing and evaluation of the Measurement Planning Tool. The evaluation will provide evidence of how the tool works, for whom it works and what conditions are required for it to work. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the tool as a way of facilitating better measurement will be carried out through analysing the data entered by users, as well as interviews with users during and after their improvement initiative. For example, assessing whether projects that score highly on the tool achieve better measurement. This could provide important information concerning the future uses and deployment of the tool and could be useful for researching common issues in measurement planning.

In the long term, this work aims to promote better planning in QI teams using the tool, resulting in more effective measurement. This should promote improvement and facilitate learning through evaluation and research.