• Research to build on the 2016 publication part funded by the Health Foundation ‘Safer healthcare; strategies for the real world’ by Vincent and Amalberti. This project will explore the response of healthcare professionals and policy makers to the ideas presented in the book and their views on the practical implications discussed within the book’s proposals.
  • Led by Professor Charles Vincent from the University of Oxford.
  • Due to complete July 2018.

There are two distinct phases of work:

Phase one will gauge perceptions of the book with healthcare professionals (specifically safety and policy specialists), exploring which ideas and proposals discussed within the book should be the starting point for frontline testing.  The researchers will also explore ideas with two NHS organisations to enable a deeper assessment of the potential for proposals within the book to impact on wider organisational strategy and governance. This will involve conducting interviews and focus groups with staff at different levels of the organisation, and will be undertaken by Sarah Garrett. The findings from this phase will be used to develop a short report on the views and implications in response to the book.

Phase two focuses on the development of specific proposals and methods of implementation. The researchers envisage a series of three academic papers covering safety analysis over time, strategies and interventions for safety and quality, and managing conflicts between safety and other healthcare objectives. There is also potential to develop some short practical guides.