Self-management support is when health professionals, teams and services (both within and beyond the NHS) work in ways that ensure that people with long-term conditions have the knowledge, skills, confidence and support they need to manage their condition(s) effectively in the context of their everyday life. A system of effective self-management support requires changes at every level from how and what services are commissioned, to how health professionals and people with long term conditions work together in a consultation, to how people are supported in between appointments.

Download A practical guide to self-management support.

This guide provides an overview of self-management support and the key components for effective implementation. It will be useful both for those starting their self-management support journey and those building on and improving the support that they already provide.

The guide explains what self-management support is and why it is important. It then looks at various aspects of putting it into practice, including planning and commissioning, building knowledge, skills and confidence, and measurement and evaluation.

The guide also contains suggestions for further reading and case studies of self-management support in practice.

Additional resources

  • Building the House of Care is a supplementary case study exploring how health economies in Leeds and Somerset are implementing the House of Care - a coordinated approach to personalised care and support planning for people with long-term conditions.
  • The Health Foundation's person-centred care resource centre is designed to help health care professionals implement a more person-centred health care service, containing a range of materials that can be used to deliver person-centred care.
  • Person-centred Care Around the World, a directory of person-centred care organisations around the world highlighting the leading international centres working on similar aspects of person-centred care to the Health Foundation.
  • 'Implementing self-management support' is a video showcasing a range of views from health professionals and service users on the issues surrounding successful self-management. You can view it below:




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