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Public perceptions of health and social care (November 2022) The third wave of results from our programme of UK-wide public polling delivered in partnership with Ipsos

February 2023

About 1 mins to read
Public perceptions of health and social care polling Wave 3: November 2022

Key points

  • This slide deck presents the findings from the third wave of our programme of polling conducted between 24 and 30 November 2022, with a total of 2,063 responses from people aged 16 and older across the UK. 

The results show: 

  • The public continue to remain negative about the standard of care in the NHS and social care, with views worsening since the May 2022 survey. 

  • Negative views towards national NHS services have increased since May 2022, although views towards local NHS services remain stable.   

  • The public are generally negative towards social care services, and there is strong support for most policies to improve workforce shortages.   

  • The proportion of the public who are paying or likely to pay for private health insurance or private healthcare remains stable; nearly half of the public have paid for dental services in the past year. 

  • There is strong support from the public for an increase in funding for the NHS; yet the majority of the public think the NHS either often or generally wastes money. 

  • The public think the biggest challenges practices face are around the availability of appointments. 

  • While the public view the government as responsible for public health, they generally do not think the government has the right policies in place to address public health. 

  • The public tend to view health inequalities as important, however they do not think the government has the right policies to address them. 

The Health Foundation has partnered with Ipsos to deliver a 2-year programme of research into public perceptions and expectations of health and social care. Every 6 months, we will poll a representative sample of the UK public using the UK KnowledgePanel – Ipsos’ random probability online panel – building on our previous work on this topic. 

This slide deck presents the findings based on the third wave of our programme of polling. 

Our new long read presents our analysis of the polling findings amid growing debate about the future of the health service and whether fundamental reform is needed.

About the survey

This survey was conducted between 24 and 30 November 2022. We surveyed 2,063 people aged 16 years and older in the UK via Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel, a random probability online panel. The sample was stratified by nation and education and delivered a response rate of 58%. A weighting spec was applied to the data in line with the target sample profile; this included one which corrected for unequal probabilities of selection of household members (to account for two members who may have been selected from one household), and weights for region, an interlocked variable of Gender by Age, Education, Ethnicity, Index of Multiple Deprivation (quintiles), and number of adults in the household. 

Cite this publication

Public perceptions of health and social care (November 2022). The Health Foundation; 2022 (health.org.uk/publications/public-perceptions-of-health-and-social-care-november-2022).

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