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This guidance, updated in May 2022, helps Health Foundation staff and others write in an accurate, inclusive and impactful way.

The Health Foundation’s editorial team has engaged with diverse stakeholders to refresh our house style – particularly when it comes to writing about people. This updated edition of Write right is the result of that process.

We started by researching trends in terminology and current language use among peer organisations, charities and other publishers. We then engaged with colleagues across the Health Foundation, as well as with our Inclusion Panel, gathering views and input on their areas of work.

Our aim was to develop a transparent process that enabled people's insights and scrutiny to challenge and inform our thinking, and to help us arrive at the clearest way to present this information for people using Write right.

As language constantly evolves, our house style guide will remain a living document. For now, we hope you find it a useful tool for writing in an accurate, inclusive and impactful way.

Thanks to members of the Inclusion Panel and colleagues across the Health Foundation for all their enthusiasm and expertise in contributing to this work.

For further information, please contact publications@health.org.uk

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