Re-conceptualising support for self-management of long term conditions

Insight 2013

  • Research aims to better develop the conceptual underpinnings of health and social care support for people living with long term conditions. 
  • Led by Professor Vikki Entwistle, University of Aberdeen.
  • Supported by the person-centred care stream of the Health Foundation’s Insight research programme and will be completed in spring 2016.

Health service leaders internationally are increasingly seeking to promote effective, safe and efficient care without undue paternalism. The rising prevalence of long-term conditions has strengthened aspirations to involve patients more actively in planning and contributing to the management of their own conditions.

This research aims to develop a relationally theorised, capabilities-based, conceptual analysis of health and social care support for people's self-management of their long term conditions. The analysis will yield both an explicit conceptual model of support for self-management, alongside a set of rich illustrative health and social care scenarios (vignettes).

To ensure the conceptual analysis and model are both relevant and robust, this study will generate a detailed understanding of competing views of good practice, along with rich examples of the practical issues and dilemmas that health professionals negotiate on a daily basis.

The findings from this study will help us to overcome some of the limitations in existing models of collaborative care by providing a clearer and sounder guide to practice, that can offer more nuanced ways of considering the challenges and ethical tensions of clinical practice in the care of people with long-term conditions.

Contact details

For more information about this project, please contact Darshan Patel, Research Manager at the Health Foundation, and Professor Vikki Entwistle, University of Aberdeen.

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