Good mental health is essential for a flourishing society and yet mental health services are not always given the same priority or funding as physical health services. The Health Foundation funds a wide range of projects that support improvements in mental health services and transform the models and approaches used to deliver care, making them more integrated and person-centred.

Our recent work and content on this topic is listed below.

Developing data analytics to improve how social care is monitored and understood for those with the worst outcomes

Research project

This project aims to improve the quality of social care for cohorts of people that experience the worst outcomes. Using detailed data analytics, it will investigate the efficacy and reach of care that...

Mental health and wellbeing for people receiving persistently lower pay during the pandemic

3 February 2021

Persistent decreases in pay can affect people’s long-term mental health and wellbeing, writes Alex Eastaugh.

America hurts

21 January 2021

Dr Jennifer Dixon reviews Case and Deaton's book 'Deaths of despair' and reflects on its implications not just for our understanding of health, but the economic and social story underpinning it.

Risk to pandemic recovery due to nursing shortages

Press release
9 December 2020

A new report published today by the Health Foundation’s REAL Centre raise concerns that the nursing shortfalls, together with the backlog in routine care and growing need for health care, is likely to...

Understanding the impacts of income and welfare policy responses to COVID-19 on inequalities in mental health: a microsimulation model

Research project

Research to assess the potential impact of economic and welfare policy responses to COVID-19 on mental health and mental health inequalities, including who is impacted the most and what the likely con...

Ethnic inequalities in mortality and service use in people with mental disorders and multi-morbidities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Research project

A project to explore whether COVID-19 has exacerbated ethnic health inequalities in adults with mental health disorders and physical health multi-morbidities.

Survey presents a worrying picture of children's and young people’s mental health

Press release
22 October 2020

Health Foundation response to NHS Digital’s survey on the mental health of children and young people in England.

Watch: How has the pandemic impacted young people in the UK?

18 August 2020

Six young people share their experiences of how they've been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emerging evidence of COVID-19’s unequal mental health impacts on health and social care staff

31 July 2020

As we begin to take stock of the unprecedented impact of the pandemic so far, we explore the mental health impacts on health and social care staff in the UK and what has been driving these.

How are changes to employment and finances impacting mental health during lockdown?

26 June 2020

We explore how changes in people’s employment and financial circumstances affected their mental health during the early part of the UK's lockdown.

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