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We regularly publish insights and analysis relating to policy and performance in health and social care in the UK, as well as comparisons with other international health systems.

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Campaigning for health: join us

9 March 2022

Carrie Hume, new Head of Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health, explains her interest in health inequalities, and why public campaigning is so important.

The Care Act amendment: who is set to lose out?

25 February 2022

Charles Tallack sets out what the proposed amendment to the social care cap will really mean for people needing care.

Harnessing the potential of automation and AI in health care

16 February 2022

Tim Horton and Tom Hardie set out 15 recommendations to help policymakers and the NHS get the best out of automation and AI in health care.

Five tests for tackling health disparities

10 February 2022

What should the government’s forthcoming white paper on health disparities include? We set out five priorities.

Public perceptions of health and social care (November–December 2021)

February 2022

Findings from the first wave of our new programme of polling looking at public perceptions of health and social care.

Public perceptions of the NHS and social care: performance, policy and expectations

Long read

Launching a new public polling programme with Ipsos, this long read sets out public views of health and care.

Tackling the inverse care law

January 2022

Without deliberate policy action, inequities in the availability of high-quality general practice in England are likely to continue growing, holding back efforts to 'level up' the country.

How better use of data can help address key challenges facing the NHS

Long read

Exploring the longstanding barriers to widespread use of data and data science in the NHS in England, and possible approaches to realise their full potential.

Our ageing population

December 2021

This report explores the complex relationship between age, health and social care need, and how this is changing. Understanding this dynamic is crucial as likely trends in demand will influence future...

Which is most important for good mental health: paid work, avoiding poverty or money itself?

17 November 2021

Researchers from the University of Glasgow use longitudinal data to study the relationship between changes in employment, income, poverty and mental health.

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