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We regularly publish insights and analysis relating to policy and performance in health and social care in the UK, as well as comparisons with other international health systems.

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Longer waits, missing patients and catching up

13 April 2021

Six charts looking at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consultant-led elective care.

NHS Test and Trace performance tracker

8 April 2021

Our latest analysis on the performance of NHS Test and Trace (up to 31 March 2021).

The restructure of public health must not weaken our climate change response

30 March 2021

How can the government ensure that the new public health system is fit to respond to the growing threat of climate change? Genevieve Cameron and Anya Göpfert reflect on what is needed.

How can policymakers plan better for the long term?

Long read

COVID-19 has illustrated why policymakers must prepare better for uncertainty. This long read explores what long-term planning means, how it could be improved and why the recovery provides a unique op...

A year tracking COVID-19 policy

9 February 2021

We reflect on the insights gleaned from a year monitoring developments via our COVID-19 policy tracker, as well as the shifts in public opinion over time.

NHS reform

Long read

Given plans for significant changes to NHS structures and legislation, our long read sets out five key questions the proposals raise about the future of primary care networks in England.

COVID-19 policy tracker 2020

22 January 2021

A timeline of the national policy and health system responses to COVID-19 in England in 2020.

America hurts

21 January 2021

Dr Jennifer Dixon reviews Case and Deaton's book 'Deaths of despair' and reflects on its implications not just for our understanding of health, but the economic and social story underpinning it.

Public perceptions of health and social care in light of COVID-19 (November 2020)

January 2021

Results from an Ipsos MORI survey commissioned by the Health Foundation between 13 and 24 November 2020.

Improving the nation’s health

November 2020

In light of COVID-19 and the government’s decision to abolish Public Health England (PHE), this briefing explores what needs to be put in place to make progress on the government’s commitments to impr...

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