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Should cities have more say in our health?

Jacob West 30 January 2015
'This city is going on a diet.' So proclaimed the Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett on New Year’s Eve in 2007. Cornett had come to the realisation that he was obese and that his city was one of t...
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What are we willing to do to preserve the NHS as we know it?

India Keable-Elliott 23 January 2015
The NHS needs more money. Even assuming unprecedented levels of productivity growth at 2.2%, without real term budget increases, the funding gap is projected to grow to £48bn by 2030/31. Accord...
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Give productivity in the NHS a chance

Andrew Haldenby 23 January 2015
The implication of the excellent briefing NHS finances – the challenge all political parties need to face is that 'all political parties' need to raise more tax. The logic is: the demands o...
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Future funding of the NHS: a reckoning on taxation?

Andrew Harrop 23 January 2015
Simon Stevens is not a former SPAD for nothing. His presentation of the financial challenges facing the NHS in the Five Year Forward View was a masterpiece of political communication. The figure of &p...
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UKIP and the NHS: reigniting the insurance debate in the NHS

Emma Spencelayh 22 January 2015
Earlier this week Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, was reported as reigniting the debate on private health insurance as an alternative model for funding the NHS. Back in 2012 Farage was recorded advocat...
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