Six big ideas for health

Jo Bibby

Our final two days were spent in groups, developing and testing strategies that participants want to progress on return to their workplaces. The report out of these six groups provided some valuabl...

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Lost in translation…

Ruth Knox

Just before Christmas I attended Academy Health’s 8th Annual Conference in Washington. Whilst there, I took the chance to do a bit of sight-seeing and meet new people. I usually clutch a dog-eared ...

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The eye of the needle

Richard Taunt

The planning guidance seeks to balance three main priorities and in so doing presents the NHS with an ancient problem. Scholars of ancient Greek could help with the answer, writes Richard Taunt. ...

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Connecting the NHS to the life around it

Glasha Frank

Having spent six years as a doctor in the NHS, I left. I left because I felt I needed to spend my time improving (and not just frustrated with) the state of the nation’s health care delivery system...

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