Our charts and infographics explore key health and health care trends in an accessible way. Many are available to download for use in your own work.

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  • Funding explained – our collection of interactive charts looking at the key past, present and future trends in health and social care funding and activity.

Non-COVID-19 NHS care during the pandemic

12 December 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted hospital care for tens of thousands of patients. Our analysis covers activity trends for NHS services in England, from the beginning of the pandemic to October/November 2020. 

How are total triage and remote consultation affecting prescribing patterns?

10 December 2020

COVID-19 has seen the rapid and widescale adoption of online and digital tools such as total triage and remote consultations. Is this shift affecting the prescribing behaviour of clinicians?

Understanding the needs of those most clinically vulnerable to COVID-19

9 December 2020

This analysis from the Networked Data Lab examines the evidence about those asked to shield during the pandemic and calls for a deeper understanding of the policy's impacts.

Building the NHS nursing workforce in England: 8 key charts

8 December 2020

Explore eight key charts from our report exploring the NHS nursing workforce in England.

How are total triage and remote consultation changing the use of emergency care?

3 December 2020

New analysis from the Improvement Analytics Unit looks at how shifts to total triage and remote consultation is impacting the use of emergency care.

Deprivation and excess deaths

27 November 2020

Our new analysis shows the size of the challenge for the government and broader public sector in reducing health inequalities in England.

NHS Test and Trace performance tracker

19 November 2020

Our latest analysis on the performance of NHS Test and Trace (up to 30 December).

Did hospital capacity affect mortality during the pandemic’s first wave?

7 November 2020

Coming into the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK had high levels of bed occupancy in hospitals and very little spare capacity. Our new analysis explores how hospital capacity affected mortality during the fi...

The same pandemic, unequal impacts

5 November 2020

This infographic explores how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting some groups in the UK more than others.

Who gets in?

28 October 2020

In this short analysis our Policy team use data from the annual GP patient survey to explore access to general practice, unpicking how patient satisfaction varies by deprivation, age and ethnicity.

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