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An insider's guide to our plans in 2022

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26 January 2022

Our annual guide to upcoming projects, initiatives, reports and more.  

Spending Review 2021: what it means for health and social care

29 October 2021

In this analysis we take a deeper look at what the Spending Review means for health and social care, including in four priority areas: social care, the public health grant, NHS capital and the NHS wor...

Health priorities for Spending Review 2021

15 October 2021

We highlight four priority areas that the Spending Review 2021 must invest in to address the pandemic's legacy and build resilence in health and social care.

Why greater investment in the public health grant should be a priority

5 October 2021

The public health grant has been cut by 24% on a real-terms per capita basis since 2015/16. We explore trends in need for public health services and estimate how much it would cost to restore the publ...

How has the productivity of UK health care changed between 1997 and 2019?

5 October 2021

Since 2010, productivity growth has been higher in the health care sector than the whole economy, growing at an average annual rate of 1.5%, compared to 0.4% in the whole economy.

How much does the NHS and social care workforce need to grow by over the next decade to meet demand?

1 October 2021

In the next decade the NHS workforce needs to grow twice as fast and the social care workforce four times as fast as in the previous decade to meet demand.

Elective care: how has COVID-19 affected the waiting list?

27 September 2021

Latest analysis looks at the scale of the elective care backlog, and how pent-up demand is affecting some areas of England worse than others.

Taxes and health care funding: how does the UK compare?

22 September 2021

How much does the UK raise in taxes and spend on health care in comparison to other countries? We look at the facts. 

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