Commenting on today's combined monthly performance statistics and ‘sitrep’ reports, Ruth Thorlby, Deputy Director of Policy at The Health Foundation, said: 'It is encouraging that there has been a drop in the percentage of people whose discharge from hospital has been delayed by social care. 
‘However, this progress has not translated into reduced pressure on the NHS. Hospitals are no less busy than they were this time last year: the number of people needing to be admitted in an emergency continues to drift upwards. 
'The extra £337 million for the NHS this winter announced in the Budget was welcome, but has come so late in the day it will be a challenge to spend it well. There still needs to be a long-term plan within health and social care to break out of the annual cycle of the NHS ‘just about coping’ every winter.'

Notes to editors

NHS England recommend that trusts do not have more than 92% of the beds occupied to maintain good patient flow. Today’s ‘sit rep’ data shows that nearly three quarters of trusts were over this target. 

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