We explore five inspirational examples of innovation in health care.

Our series of five short films – the Power of people – is a unique and moving take on how the lives of people using health services and their families can be improved through the determined efforts of people working in health care. 

Pills: Reviewing medication in care homes 
Flo: Telehealth with a human touch 
Bottoms up: Everyone can influence safety, quality and experience 
Recovery college: From mental health patient to recovery student 
Gold Line: Bringing health care home 

The Power of people films present different perspectives on innovative ways to provide care, which have changed the lives of both people receiving care and the people caring for them.

The demands on our health service are growing – the ideas of the people working in the health service will be essential in meeting this challenge. Our short films show the power of what can be achieved when people are given the time and support to innovate. We hope they inspire those already doing great things in the health service to think about what else might be possible.

Four of the projects shown in these films received funding from the Health Foundation. 



Jan Hansen

A major positive step would be to make 'OUR' health service far more open and accountable to the public.

In doing this, I firmly believe that confidence would gradually be restored to not only the public, but also to so many of the disheartened NHS workers at all levels. Many experienced ex-staff members, I believe, would seriously consider returning to a health system for which they originally signed up.

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