Mark Hamilton, GenerationQ Fellow

Mark is an Associate Medical Director for Quality Improvement and Clinical Transformation at St George’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Mike Jones, GenerationQ Fellow

Mike is a GP and Local Medical Director of the Hurley Group GP Partnership, and Primary Care QI Lead at UCLPartners.

Philip Korash, GenerationQ Fellow

Philip is Associate Medical Director at NHS Ayrshire and Arran, responsible for University Hospital Crosshouse. 

Gillian Traub, GenerationQ Fellow

Gillian is the Co-Director for Cancer and Specialist Medicine at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

Safer healthcare: Response and development

Research to build on the 2016 publication part funded by the Health Foundation ‘Safer healthcare; strategies for the real world’ by Vincent and Amalberti.

Measurement planning tool

Research to support the development, testing and evaluation of a web version of the Measurement Planning Tool. The original tool was designed to help healthcare Quality Improvement teams plan measurement effectively.

Learning how to replicate and scale a successful maternity safety improvement programme

This research aims to develop an understanding of what is needed to replicate and scale successful examples of improvement.

Allocative efficiency in end-of-life care

This round two Efficiency Research project will look at whether improvements in the efficiency of health and social care delivery at the end of life could enable access to higher-quality and more personalised care for patients.

WORKTECC: Workforce Operations that Realise Knowledge-based Transformational Efficiency gains in Community Care

This round two Efficiency Research project will explore whether workforce operations used by other industries can improve the efficiency of home-based NHS care, and if so, how.

Efficiency, cost and quality of mental health care provision

This round two Efficiency Research project led by the University of York will look at the efficiency, cost and quality of current mental health care provision, and how changes can be made to drive efficiency improvements.