The Health Foundation and the All-Party Parliamentary Health Group have jointly published a comprehensive, accessible collection of essays setting out the current and emerging threats to health and wellbeing and what we know about what works to address them.

Download A healthier life for all.

Health experts and politicians have come together in A healthier life for all: the case for cross-government action to call on the government to tackle the drivers of poor health by making health improvement an objective in all policy areas – in recognition that it is fundamental to a prosperous and sustainable society.

When people talk about health, more often than not they are talking about health care. But we know that the real determinants of health relate to how and where we live, learn, work and play. It is clear that social and economic prosperity for people in the UK will require much broader thinking and action.

The essay collection concludes that addressing the wider determinants of health is critical to ensuring the prosperity and wellbeing of British society as well as easing pressure on the NHS. The essays support the view that a more proactive approach to tackling poor health across all policy areas is urgently needed, to help ensure individuals, families and communities can thrive.


Sue Parkinson

The real determinants of health are related to the occupational environment, occupational justice & occupational balance. Having occupational therapists working with communities, and not just individuals would be incredibly proactive.

Carl Curtis

I have come across OTs working with the Home Treatment Team for people with Mental ill health in the community.
It is a breath of fresh air to see her in action,a completely different approach to the Mental Health Nurses who work in
the team.

Duncan Parker

The first part of your statement refers to the importance of a healthy workplace and this is indeed a key social determinant of health.

However, most occupational therapists do not deal with workplace health and I wonder if you are referring to the occupational health workforce which is a completely different discipline.

Nick Green

What also must be considered is what consequences are produced when individuals engaged in certain active or inactive behaviors. For example, does sitting or walking come into contact with meaningful outcomes? If so, does each consequence increase the likelihood of more behavior (e.g., more walking/less sitting)?

Wilf Standhaft

Health belongs to all and nurture and facilitating learning to live healthily is vital. Education is one element, encouragement and willingness to implement specifics such as diet and exercise are another. All effort to make meaningful changes need to start early in life and make me think how this can be achieved.

Nick Pahl

Yes, it is worth clarifying about occupational health. I am CEO of the Society of Occupational Medicine is the UK organisation for all doctors and other healthcare professionals working in or with an interest in occupational health. Our members are concerned with the protection of the health of people in the workplace, the prevention of occupational injuries and disease and related environmental issues.

Workplaces are powerful environments where we can positively influence health for the benefit of individuals, businesses and national prosperity. Good work is good for health, good for business, and good for the prosperity of the nation. (Reference - Fair Society, Healthy Lives 2010 - Michael Marmot)

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