Key points

  • Patient-focused interventions are generally aimed at one or more of the following seven quality improvement goals, corresponding to the chapters in this report.
  • This contribution to the Quality Enhancing Intervention project provides a concise and comprehensive overview of the evidence base for each of the above patient-focused interventions.
  • In so doing, we aim to identify best practice and inform decision-making in healthcare policy, management, practice and research.

Patient-focused interventions are those that recognise the role of patients as active participants in the process of securing appropriate, effective, safe and responsive healthcare. Patients/citizens can contribute to quality improvement at both an individual and a collective level.

QQUIP (Quest for Quality and Improved Performance) was a 5-year research initiative of the Health Foundation. QQUIP provided independent reports on a wide range of data about the quality and performance of healthcare in the UK. It drew on the international evidence base to produce information on where healthcare resources are currently being spent, whether they provide value for money and how interventions in the UK and around the world have been used to improve healthcare quality.

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