The Francis report - reflections from abroad

Patient safety is a global concern as healthcare organisations still struggle to deliver safe care. Similar to the UK, a significant number of patients in Norway, where I work, are harmed while rec...


Spreading innovation in healthcare

This week I attended the Reform conference on health innovation, which got me thinking about the different ways that people interpret ‘innovation’. At the Health Foundation, the innovation we promo...


Stephen Thornton

Making QI business as usual for health care

With Glastonbury, Wimbledon and the World Cup over, half of 2014 is already behind us. And looking back over the last six months, there are three things which I think will play out to have signific...


Jo Bibby

Reaction to the Francis Report - a summary

Any doubts we might have had about the scale and reach of the Francis Inquiry were put to rest at around 11.35am on Wednesday 6 February, when the final report was laid before Parliament and laid b...


John Illingworth