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Alison Moulds is an Improvement Fellow in the Improvement team.

Alison joined the Health Foundation in January 2023. Prior to this, she was Workforce Policy Manager at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

Her career background spans policy and public affairs, and research and public engagement.

Alison's academic interests encompass literary studies, the history of medicine and emotions, and health humanities. She has a DPhil in English Literature from the University of Oxford. Her thesis, which she later turned into a book, examined how literary and medical texts shaped the professional identities of medical practitioners in the nineteenth century. She held postdoctoral research and engagement roles at Oxford, the University of Roehampton and Queen Mary, University of London. 

She has also worked in public affairs at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

Gaskell B and Moulds A. Crafting the Professional Reader: Book Reviews in the Military and Medical Press. Victorian Periodicals Review. Forthcoming 2023.

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Moulds A. The Medical Woman as Amateur Detective in Anna Kingsford’s “A Cast for a Fortune: The Holiday Adventures of a Lady Doctor”. Victorian Popular Fictions 2021; 3.1: 83-97.

Arnold-Forster A, Moulds A, and Fleming S. The Emotional Side of Surgery. Journal of Trauma and Orthopaedics 2019; 7.1: 26-7.

Moulds A. “Making your Mark” in Medicine: The Struggling Young Practitioner and the Search for Success in Britain, 1830s-1900s. History 2019; 104: 83-104.

Arnold-Forster A and Moulds A. Surgery and Emotional Health. The Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 2018; 100:6: 265-7.

Arnold-Forster A and Moulds A. Medical Women in Popular Fiction. BMJ Opinion; 2018.

Moulds A. The “Medical-Women Question” and the Multivocality of the Victorian Medical Press, 1869-1900. Media History 2018; 25: 6-22.

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