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Geraldine Clarke Senior Analytical Manager

Data analytics team | Improvement analytics unit (IAU)

Geraldine Clarke is a Senior Analytical Manager in the Improvement Analytics Unit.

Geraldine leads team of researchers using routine data sets and novel analytical methods to evaluate the impact of large-scale complex interventions in order to inform policy and improve decision making in health and social care. Here current work focuses on issues related to primary care transformation and elective care. Prior to joining the Health Foundation, Geraldine worked as a senior researcher in statistical genetics in the Big Data Institute, and the Welcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, at the University of Oxford. 

Geraldine studied mathematics at the University of Oxford and has an MSc in epidemiology and a PhD in statistics from Stanford University. 

Clarke GM, Steventon A, O’Neill S. A comparison of synthetic control approaches for the evaluation of policy interventions using observational data: Evaluating the impact of redesigning urgent and emergency care in Northumberland. Health Serv Res [Internet]. 2023 Apr 1;58(2):445–57. 

Goldsmith LP, Smith JG, Clarke G, Anderson K, Lomani J, Turner K, et al. What is the impact of psychiatric decision units on mental health crisis care pathways? Protocol for an interrupted time series analysis with a synthetic control study. BMC Psychiatry. 2020(1), 185.

Clarke GM, Conti S, Wolters AT, Steventon A. Evaluating the impact of healthcare interventions using routine data. BMJ. 2019; 365 :l2239  
Walden AP, Clarke GM, McKechnie S, Hutton P, Gordon AC, Rello J, et al.

Patients with community acquired pneumonia admitted to European intensive care units: An epidemiological survey of the GenOSept cohort. Crit Care. 2014;18(2). 

Clarke GM, Anderson CA, Pettersson FH, Cardon LR, Morris AP, Zondervan KT. Basic statistical analysis in genetic case-control studies. Nat Protoc. 2011;6(2). 

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