The Health Foundation’s programme of work on health policy and economic analysis complements our portfolio of grants to improve front-line care, research on the evidence for improvement, and fellowships to build skills to improve services.

We want to ensure that public policy development is informed by impartial analysis and evidence, and use what we know works on the ground to inform effective policymaking and vice versa.

The Catch-22 of performance and penalties

It’s been over a month since the sobering news that the NHS provider deficit had reached £2.45bn at the end of the 2015/16 with 65% of all providers in the red. Having recently joined the Health...


Anna Starling

Accounting for care

The NHS is a service that all of us use, most of us pay into, and that provides everything from a GP check-up for a sore knee to the most advanced stem cell therapy – all of which has to be paid fo...


Ben Gershlick

A failed firebreak

The firebreak is not enough and the plan is unravelling at frightening speed. All parts of the NHS must work together if the cataclysmic financial storm is to be survived...


Anita Charlesworth

A message of hope for the NHS

There are a lot of problems in the NHS right now. And there are a lot of articles and blogs listing them one by one in all their glory. I’ve even written some of them. But this isn’t one of those b...


Edward Davies

Manifesto blur for Scotland… but in a good way

How does a political party stand out from the crowd in relation to the NHS in the lead up to a UK general election? Typically, they attack the prevailing government’s strategy and track record. Com...


Sally Al-Zaidy

Cold comfort? How the NHS fared this winter

Meteorologists define winter as December to February: the three calendar months when the weather is usually coldest. Ask an astronomer, however, and they’ll say it’s from the winter solstice to the...


Tim Gardner

Making management work in practice

Clare Allcock discusses the breadth of a practice manager’s responsibility and how lonely and unsupported a role it can be, and highlights three priority areas requiring action.


Clare Allcock

Policy in austerity - more work needed

There is not enough money in health care – at least to do what we are doing. From Whitehall to hospital ward this is an increasingly recognised fact. We talk about efficiency savings – but as the P...


Felicity Dormon