A statistical analysis protocol (SAP) is a document intended to guide analytical processes. It includes the proposed evaluation design, statistical methods, and the limitations of the analysis, including how these should be considered when interpreting the results.

The Improvement Analytics Unit agrees the protocol with local teams at the evaluated site before the analysis begins, to ensure that all design and methods choices are made objectively and are not influenced by what is found in the data. In rare instances, it may be necessary to make changes to the design of the study at a later stage; when this happens, the protocol is appended accordingly.  

The IAU welcomes comments and questions on these documents. Please get in contact with Arne Wolters.

Statistical Analysis Protocol for an evaluation of the Mid-Nottinghamshire Better Together vanguard

The purpose of this ongoing evaluation is to feed back on the impact of the Integrated Care Transformation Programme (ICTP) on secondary care activity in the Mid-Nottinghamshire Better Together vanguard region. The evaluation is intended to enable understanding of the impact of the different components of the ICTP in order to provide learning and improvement as well as assurance about continued investment in the service in terms of finance and quality.

Statistical Analysis Protocol for an evaluation of Extensive Care Service and Enhanced Primary Care for Fylde Coast NHS vanguard

This statistical analysis protocol describes the proposed Improvement Analytics Unit evaluation of Extensive Care Service (ECS) and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), the two interventions comprising the main components of the ‘Your Care, Our Priority’ Fylde Coast NHS Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP) vanguard New Model of Care programme.

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