As part of our research on the impact of shielding on those clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) to COVID-19, the Networked Data Lab has published analysis exploring the needs of CEV people, demographic variation in those advised to shield, and the impact of shielding on hospital use. 

Further novel analyses have been carried out by each of our partners, examining local level linked data. Each partner has focused on an issue which has significance for their local area. 

Follow the links below to read the reports on Github.

This descriptive analysis provides further intelligence on the complexity of care need in the CEV cohort. This research links the Leeds Data Model and the CEV with their frailty category, and whether they have received support from Leeds Council Adult Social Care services. 

This research focuses on the mental health of those shielding. 

This analysis examines the rate at which antidepressants were prescribed during the pandemic in Liverpool and Wirral. 

This analysis focuses on mental health diagnosis and intentional self harm, along with feasibility analysis covering employment status and suicide risk assessment clinical coding. 

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