Each month we shine a light on new topic by analysing the data and exploring the implications for those in health care policy and at the frontline.

This month


In deprived areas, patients referred for psychological therapy are less likely to receive treatment

January 2020 Chart of the month. Patients in deprived areas referred to IAPT services are less...

Previous months


How do manifesto pledges for health and social care spending stack up?

December 2019 chart of the month – General Election 2019 special. Our analysis explores how...


Average annual costs per patient for the top 5% of patients are over 20 times higher than all other patients

October 2019 chart of the month. Our anaysis explores for the first time the distribution of both...


Health spending as a share of GDP remains at lowest level in a decade

July 2019 chart of the month. UK spending on health stays flat as a percentage of GDP


The UK spends less on capital in health care than other comparable countries

June 2019 chart of the month. As a share of GDP, the UK spends far less on capital in health care...


Preventable deaths and deprivation

May 2019 chart of the month. The risk of preventable death is at least three times higher for people...


Health service output has increased faster than nurse numbers this decade

April 2019 chart of the month. The divergence between growth in staff numbers and the amount being...


Bed occupancy rates within STPs over winter

March 2019 chart of the month. Bed occupancy rates show variations across England this winter, but...


Changes to the general practice workforce

February 2019 chart of the month. The overall number of nurses grew by 1.5% to 16,040 between...


How has the productivity of UK health care changed between 1997 and 2016?

January 2019 Chart of the Month. Between 1997 and 2016, productivity across the UK NHS grew by 20%,...


Health and health care use of older people living alone

December 2018 Chart of the Month. We examined the characteristics of people aged 65 or older living...


The gap in healthy life expectancy between the most and least deprived areas in England

November 2018 chart of the month. The government’s vision for the role of prevention in improving...

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