Palliative pain management programme

This project adapted a hospital-based pain management programme for the hospice setting, to empower palliative care patients with chronic pain to effectively manage their pain themselves

Parkinson’s Advanced Symptom Unit (PASU)

North east England
PASU is a rapid access, community based, self-referral service for patients with advanced PD, and addresses both physical and mental wellbeing – the first of its kind in the country.

Partners in birth: Empowering women to achieve physiological birth and reduce interventions

This project aims to educate and motivate expectant parents to be informed and become active participants in the birth process.

Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) to support patient need in rural Wales and Shropshire

Thie project is aiming to increase access to timely, appropriate primary care, reduce secondary care demand, improve the patient experience and increase GP availability.

Peer-supported Open Dialogue (POD) in NHS mental health services

South east England
This project trialled a novel approach to mental health care which involves people and their family or social networks being seen within the first 24 hours of crisis, and seeing the same clinicians throughout their care, so that hasty treatment decisions are avoided and all discussions are held i...

Peri-operative medicine service for high-risk surgery: implementation pilot (POM-SHIP)

Run by University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Focusing on surgical patients in the acute hospital. Aiming to reduce post-operative complications and improve quality of life for high-risk surgical patients. Features the development and implementation of a peri-operative...

Person centred arts and culture to improve wellbeing

This project is focusing on people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and children with lower level mental health problems.

Person-centred approach to health and social care integration

This project from NHS Ayrshire and Arran sought to improve the quality of care and patient experience of people with long-term conditions by gaining insights from patients and clinical teams, and subsequently acting on the results to improve care integration.

Person-centred care for children with asthma using non-health care community resources: The SCORE Programme

This project aims to empower children with asthma to understand their condition, self-manage it and participate in physical activities.

Personalised long-term follow-up of cochlear implant patients using remote care

South east England
This project from the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service was introduced to make the care pathway more patient-centred and to provide a more efficient service.