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Constructive comfort

Constructive comfort: accelerating change in the NHS

February 2015 Policy analysis
This report asks how best to design national policy on the NHS to accelerate improvements to health care.
26 February 2015
Whats getting in the way

What's getting in the way?

February 2015 Evidence scan
This evidence scan compiles published research about the key barriers to improvement in the NHS.
26 February 2015

Building the foundations for improvement

February 2015 Learning report
In this learning report we explore how five UK trusts built quality improvement capability at scale within their organisations
26 February 2015

Public attitudes to the NHS

February 2015 Policy analysis
This report analyses the results of a series of questions about the NHS that were included in the 2014 British Social Attitudes Survey, undertaken by NatCen Social Research.
25 February 2015

Three tests for a credible health policy

03 February 2015 Corporate publication
In the run up to the 2015 general election, Three tests for a credible health policy outlines the actions politicians need to take to maintain and improve the quality of care both now and for the future.
04 February 2015

Focus on: Hospital admissions from care homes

January 2015 QualityWatch publication
This analysis from QualityWatch, a joint Health Foundation and Nuffield Trust research programme, explores how care home residents use hospital services, and how this information could prompt improvement in the way care is provided.
29 January 2015
NHS finances briefing cover

NHS finances: the challenge all political parties need to face

January 2015 Briefing
In this briefing we set out our analysis of the funding issues facing the NHS. We explore past trends and international comparisons, spending over the current parliament and the outlook for NHS finances in the future.
23 January 2015

Funding overview: NHS finances

January 2015 Briefing
These funding overviews provide key facts and figures about NHS finance in the following four areas: historical trends, international comparisons, spending in the current parliament and projections for the next parliament and beyond.
23 January 2015

Mergers in the NHS

December 2014 Policy analysis
This report looks at the October 2013 decision to block the proposed merger between hospitals in Bournemouth and Poole. The report analyses the case in detail and identifies broader system lessons.
15 December 2014
Safer Clinical Systems evaluation findings

Safer Clinical Systems: evaluation findings

December 2014 Research
This report presents the findings of the independent evaluation of the second phase of the Safer Clinical Systems improvement programme.
01 December 2014
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