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The four health systems of the United Kingdom: how do they compare?

April 2014 Research
This report, published by the Health Foundation and the Nuffield Trust, assesses the performance of the NHS on the quality of patient care in all four UK countries since devolution.
11 April 2014

BMJ Quality & Safety: a collection of key articles

April 2014 Research
This is a special collection of the best articles published in BMJ Quality & Safety in 2013. The journal aims to encourage innovation and creative thinking to improve the quality of health care and the science of improvement, and this collection ...
08 April 2014
Reducing harm to patients.gif

Reducing harm to patients

March 2014 Briefing
This briefing discusses the government's ambition to reduce avoidable harm in the NHS. It outlines approaches that have been used in the US and UK to help achieve improvements in patient safety.
31 March 2014
Skilled for improvement.gif

Skilled for improvement?

March 2014 Research
This report provides a detailed exploration of four improvement projects and draws out lessons from them. The authors identify three sets of skills that they found to be essential for successful improvement.
27 March 2014

Focus On: Social care for older people

March 2014 QualityWatch publication
This QualityWatch report examines the scope and scale of cuts to spending on social services for older people in England from 2009/10 to 2012/13.
26 March 2014
Perspectives on context.gif

Perspectives on context

March 2014 Research
This collection of essays from leading academics provides a range of insights about into the importance – and challenges – of context in improving the quality of patient care.
07 March 2014
Helping measure person-centred care.gif

Helping measure person-centred care

March 2014 Research
This evidence review summarises research about measuring the extent to which care is person-centred. It also signposts to research about commonly used measurement approaches and the many tools available.
03 March 2014
Effective networks for improvement.gif

Effective networks for improvement

March 2014 Learning report
This learning report draws on a review of the literature and empirical evidence about the core features of effective networks. It presents a framework for developing and maintaining networks for improvement.
03 March 2014
Closing the NHS funding gap.gif

Closing the NHS funding gap: Can it be done through greater efficiency?

February 2014 Event report
This report summarises key points from a roundtable that brought together senior health sector leaders to consider whether the NHS can close the £30bn funding gap through greater efficiency.
26 February 2014
What can the UK learn from healthcare innovation in India.gif

What can the UK learn from healthcare innovation in India?

February 2014 Thought paper
This thought paper presents reflections on a study tour of four innovative health centres in India – and what the lessons from the tour might mean for healthcare in the UK.
25 February 2014
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