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Improving quality in general practice

Improving quality in primary care

November 2014 Evidence scan
This evidence scan explores how quality should be defined. It also summarises empirical evidence on what the public think of general practice and the features they value, and on tested interventions to improve the quality of general practice care.
20 November 2014

Issues raised by the National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill

November 2014 Briefing
This briefing provides an explanation of the contents and policy implications of the National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill
19 November 2014
Person-centred care made simple

Person-centred care made simple

October 2014 Quick guide
This quick guide explains the principles of person-centred care, why it is important, how it has developed, and provides some examples to help those considering putting person-centred care in to practice.
30 October 2014

Cause for concern: QualityWatch annual statement 2014

October 2014 QualityWatch publication
In this second annual statement from the QualityWatch programme, in partnership with the Nuffield Trust, we draw on analysis of over 200 quality indicators and a series of in-depth research reports to provide an overview of how patterns of quality in...
10 October 2014
PCC ideas to action

Person-centred care: from ideas to action

October 2014 Research
This report brings together the evidence on shared decision making and self-management support to provide greater coherence and clarity in debates about person-centred care.
02 October 2014

Ideas into action: person-centred care in practice

October 2014 Learning report
This learning report summarises what research shows needs to be done to embed shared decision making and self-management support in day-to-day, routine NHS practice.
01 October 2014

Focus on: Allied health professionals

September 2014 QualityWatch publication
This QualityWatch report, published in partnership with the Nuffield Trust, explores how best the quality of care delivered by allied health professionals can be measured, and presents the key findings from the available data.
30 September 2014

More than money: closing the NHS quality gap

September 2014 Policy analysis
This report from the Health Foundation's policy team looks at how the NHS in England should address the 'financial gap', projected to reach £30bn by 2021, and its implications for quality of care.
16 September 2014

International responses to austerity

September 2014 Evidence scan
This evidence scan explores the policy responses that health systems internationally have taken in response to financial crisis, how effective these measures have been and their impact on the quality of care.
15 September 2014

Can the NHS maintain quality without additional resources?

September 2014 Event report
This event report summarises a workshop co-hosted by the Health Foundation and the Foundation Trust Network to tackle the question of whether the NHS can maintain quality in the short to medium term without additional resources.
14 September 2014
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