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More than money: closing the NHS quality gap

September 2014 Policy analysis
This report from the Health Foundation's policy team looks at how the NHS in England should address the 'financial gap', projected to reach £30bn by 2021, and its implications for quality of care.
16 September 2014

International responses to austerity

September 2014 Evidence scan
This evidence scan explores the policy responses that health systems internationally have taken in response to financial crisis, how effective these measures have been and their impact on the quality of care.
15 September 2014

Can the NHS maintain quality without additional resources?

September 2014 Event report
This event report summarises a workshop co-hosted by the Health Foundation and the Foundation Trust Network to tackle the question of whether the NHS can maintain quality in the short to medium term without additional resources.
14 September 2014

Building capability to improve safety

August 2014 Event report
This report summarises a May 2014 workshop discussion. It also provides examples of approaches and activities for building safety improvement capability that were shared with workshop participants.
05 August 2014

Focus on: A&E attendances

July 2014 QualityWatch publication
This report from our QualityWatch programme, in partnership with the Nuffield Trust, looks at patterns of A&E activity, the nature of the increased demand and what has driven waiting times upwards.
24 July 2014

Improvement collaboratives in health care

July 2014 Evidence scan
This evidence scan explores research about whether collaboratives help to improve quality in health care and the factors that may be key to their success.
23 July 2014
CtGtCR cover

Closing the Gap through Changing Relationships: evaluation

June 2014 Research
This independent evaluation of the programme explores how and whether seven projects were able to change relationships between people who use health services and those who provide them, and identifies key barriers to, and promoters of, success.
18 June 2014

Focus On: Antidepressant prescribing

May 2014 QualityWatch publication
This QualityWatch report examines long-term trends in antidepressant prescribing and explores the impact of the financial crisis and subsequent recession on antidepressant prescribing by GPs.
28 May 2014

Spreading improvement ideas

May 2014 Evidence scan
This evidence scan summarises empirical research about what works to spread ideas in health care in order to advance improvement.
15 May 2014
Measuring what really matters cover

Measuring what really matters

April 2014 Thought paper
In this thought paper, Dr Alf Collins puts forward ideas about how to ensure that what matters to people is always taken into account in order to develop a coherent person-centred measurement system.
30 April 2014
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