COVID-19 could have worrying ramifications for young people’s longer-term health outcomes Health Foundation response to Resolution Foundation report on how the crisis affects different age groups

19 May 2020

The Resolution Foundation's report Young workers in the coronavirus crisis, based on a YouGov survey and supported by the Health Foundation, finds that younger workers are more likely to have lost work and earnings as a result of the coronavirus crisis. 

Commenting on the findings, Policy Lead for the Health Foundation’s Young people’s future health inquiry Martina Kane said:

'It is concerning that the current crisis is disproportionately affecting employment opportunities for young people. This could have worrying ramifications for young people’s longer-term health outcomes. There is strong evidence that unemployment and poor-quality work can have a negative impact on young people’s mental health. Financial insecurity can result in poor health both now and later in life.

'Whilst the government works towards protecting the nation’s health today, there must also be steps taken to protect the jobs of young people in the future. During our Young people’s future health inquiry we’ve spoken to many young people who already face issues relating to precarious employment conditions and the need to address this has been magnified by the current crisis.'


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