Scaling up a clinical effectiveness approach for Southwark to drive up quality and reduce unwarranted variation in general practice

This project aims to improve outcomes for patients within primary care in the London Borough of Southwark by making the right thing to do the easy thing to do for busy GPs.

Improving surgical care for patients and their families in Greater Manchester – ERAS+ GM

This is an initiative to improve recovery following major surgery and reduce post-surgical complications using ERAS+, a proven pre- and post-surgery training programme. 

Pressure reduction through continuous monitoring in community settings (PROMISE): reducing and preventing avoidable and unavoidable pressure ulcers

This project aims to alleviate discomfort and reduce pressure damage in people at high risk of developing pressure ulcers by introducing monitoring and pressure adjustment using mattress and chair sensors.

Scaling up virtual consultations across the NHS – implementing, evaluating and sustaining improvements

This project aims to spread the use of outpatient video consultations. It will create a virtual consultation unit within Barts Health and form a national network of sites.

Research to support an inquiry into young people’s future health prospects

This project is a quantitative analysis of available data to map the social determinants of health in today’s young people and assess their influence on future health trajectories.

Health: from here to where?

What does the future look like if we don’t take action now on the things that shape our health and wellbeing? The Royal Society for Public Health and the Health Foundation invited creative writers to imagine that future – and inspire the leaders of tomorrow to change it. Read the winning s...

Safer prescribing for frailty: polypharmacy reduction in general practice

This project aimed to reduce inappropriate prescribing, thereby preventing medication errors and reducing health care utilisation for older people living with frailty.

Working together: creating a new model of community-centred care in care homes

This project aimed to improve the quality of health and care services for people living in residential care.

A Carer Skills Passport for carers of children and young people with complex long-term conditions

This project aimed to provide quality assured, standardised training in order to develop a safe, effective, flexible workforce providing person centred care in the most appropriate setting.

A self-management digital platform for children and young people with ADHD

This project aimed to improve quality of care and self-management of children and young people with ADHD and their families.