Using community pharmacy for asthma patients not attending yearly reviews

South east England
This project aimed to improve the monitoring and treatment of asthma patients by offering asthma reviews when they collected their prescription medication at community pharmacies.

Early use of admission triage score in the emergency department to prevent crowding

This project trialled an admission prediction tool with the aim of improving patient and staff satisfaction and reducing length of stay, unnecessary investigations, admissions and crowding at the Trust’s Emergency Department.

The PARENTS study: Parents’ Active Role and Engagement in their stillbirth/perinatal death review

South west England
This project aimed to improve the review process after the death of a baby in hospital, to help parents deal with their grief more effectively and drive improvements in patient safety.

FeSTivAPP: an app to deliver functional strength training to people after stroke

South east England
This project aimed to motivate people with movement impairment in the arm after stroke to engage with exercises through the development of a bespoke app.

League of Fitness: peer-led weight management, self-care and wellbeing improvement programme

Led by Tollgate Medical Centre, in partnership with ESquared Catalyst in the Community, the Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise, and the Association for Physical Education. Being introduced to a cohort of male patients from Tollgate Medical Centre in Newham, London. Will encour...

Embedding a bio-psycho-social model of care in an older persons' inpatient service

This project used a bio-psycho-social model of care to change practice and culture on a ward for older adults, to reduce the incidence of harm and falls, increase patient wellbeing, and reduce length of stay on the ward.

Peer-supported Open Dialogue (POD) in NHS mental health services

South east England
This project trialled a novel approach to mental health care which involves people and their family or social networks being seen within the first 24 hours of crisis, and seeing the same clinicians throughout their care, so that hasty treatment decisions are avoided and all discussions are held i...

A community-based early warning tool for infants with complex heart conditions

This project tested an early warning tool as part of home monitoring of infants with complex congenital heart disease.

Health Call Undernutrition Lunch Clubs

North east England
This project developed digitally connected lunch clubs to reduce undernutrition and social isolation in adults under the care of Darlington Community Nursing.