Integrated health: optimising strength and resilience

This project aimed to increase understanding of normal psychological experiences, reduce mental health stigma, and promote a positive, compassionate organisational culture that supports wellbeing.

Integrating primary, community and social care services within an extended primary care team

This project is aiming to improve service delivery and quality of life for patients by ensuring they see the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Intensive behavioural intervention to improve sleep in vulnerable children

North west England
This project aimed to help improve the physical and mental health of sleep-deprived families.

Introducing a local care network population health model in Greenwich

This project aims to scale up and coordinate access to social and healthy behaviour change support.

Introducing telepsychiatry into routine practice in an emergency department psychiatric service

South east England
Run by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Emergency Department Psychiatric Service, in partnership with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. Focused on patients presenting with psychiatric issues to the emergency departments of John Radcliffe and Horton hospitals. Will trial telepsychi...

League of Fitness: peer-led weight management, self-care and wellbeing improvement programme

Led by Tollgate Medical Centre, in partnership with ESquared Catalyst in the Community, the Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise, and the Association for Physical Education. Being introduced to a cohort of male patients from Tollgate Medical Centre in Newham, London. Will encour...

Listen, Learn and Improve: Language analysis of patient feedback

This project aims to generate intelligence from patient feedback to increase understanding of patient experience and enable mangers to devise quality improvement interventions.

Management of advanced chronic liver disease in a hospice setting – a shared care strategy

South east England
This project aimed to improve care for people with advanced chronic liver disease through timely access to support services and interventions, and hospice-based clinical and therapeutic services.

Managing medically unexplained symptoms through screening, training and tailored psychological treatment

South west England
This project developed and implemented a screening tool for GPs and a specialist primary care service based on a new cognitive behavioural approach to medically unexplained symptoms.

Maternal risk assessment: management by and with pregnant women

Run by NHS Borders, in partnership with the Scottish Government’s Early Years Collaborative and the Digital Health Institute. Focusing on risk management in maternity care. Aiming to improve maternal outcomes and engage pregnant women in managing the risks associated with pregnancy. Will...