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  • As part of our aim to promote healthy lives for all, we have been working to develop Health Equals to take collective action on the wider determinants of health. 

  • This 5-year initiative, funded by the Health Foundation, is working with a diverse membership from across different sectors and determinants of health – from housing and employment, to education and the environment. 

  • Through powerful and evidence-based campaigns, Health Equals wants to shape a new public conversation about health and wellbeing, and influence national policy to prioritise health in a way that recognises the importance of the world around us. 

Why are we doing this?

The world around us shapes our health and the wellbeing of society overall – from decent homes that are warm and safe, to stable jobs, clean air, and neighbourhoods with green space. These are the essential building blocks of health and wellbeing.  

But these building blocks aren’t available to everyone in the same way. Right now, in the UK, things like poverty and poor living conditions are damaging health, reducing life expectancy and widening health inequalities – all driven by the circumstances in which people are born, live and work.  

And while much is known about the impact of these wider determinants on health, this evidence has not been translated into coherent policy action in the UK. Health Equals is setting out to create the political and public buy in, and cross-sector action, to influence national policy and create lasting change on health inequalities in the UK. 

Our approach

Over the initiative’s five years, Health Equals is working with a group of people and organisations who want equal opportunity for health and wellbeing, for everyone.  

Bringing together expertise, influence and evidence to create change, and working with people who understand what impacts health, Health Equals is shaping a society where each of us has our best chance of good health, no matter who we are or where we’re born, work or live.  

Through powerful and evidence-based campaigns, Health Equals wants to:

  • shape a new public conversation about how the world around us shapes our health 
  • influence national policy to recognise and prioritise this. 


Health Equals brings together 28 member organisations across different sectors, including the Health Foundation, who all want to make a positive different to society’s health and wellbeing. 

#LivesCutShort campaign

Health Equals' first public campaign launched in March 2023. #LivesCutShort highlights how right now in the UK, where you live can determine how long you live. 

To find out more, visit the Health Equals website and follow Health Equals on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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