Integrated care Integrated care aims to improve patient experience, achieve higher levels of efficiency and extract value from health delivery systems


The aim of integrated care is to address fragmentation in patient services, and enable more coordinated and continuous care.

Our recent work and content on this topic is listed below.

A direct observation of pain scale use in five video-recorded palliative care consultations

Journal article
25 December 2021

Observational study of pain scale use in five video-recorded palliative care consultations.

Briefing on the Health and Care Bill: House of Lords Second Reading

Consultation response
December 2021

Our briefing for the House of Lords on the Health and Care Bill 2021/22.

Have integrated care programmes reduced emergency admissions?

Long read

Evidence on the short- and long-term effect of integrated care programmes on emergency hospital use to inform the national roll-out of Integrated Care Systems (ICS).

Health and Care Bill: Commons Public Bill Committee

Consultation response
September 2021

Our briefing for the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Health and Care Bill.

Early weight gain trajectories in first episode anorexia

Journal article
14 September 2021

A retrospective study of early response to trajectory classes.

Giving the Health Secretary more power over the NHS risks taking health care backwards

Press release
6 July 2021

Health Foundation response to the publication of the Health and Care Bill.

Webinar: The Health and Care White Paper unbound

11 March 2021

Watch back as our panel critically assessed the major proposals set out in the government's February White Paper on NHS and Care.

NHS reform

Long read

Given plans for significant changes to NHS structures and legislation, our long read sets out five key questions the proposals raise about the future of primary care networks in England.

Integrating care: Next steps to building strong and effective integrated care systems across England

Consultation response
January 2021

Our response to NHS England’s consultation on ‘building a strong, integrated care system across England’.

After the COVID storm: where next for the NHS?

22 December 2020

Episode 3. What is the long-term path for the NHS when the emergency phase of COVID is over? 

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