Innovating for Improvement

Our programme to support clinical teams to test and develop their innovative ideas, put them into practice and gather evidence about how innovation improves quality


This programme is closed for applications.

Key Points

  • Programme to test and develop innovative ideas and approaches to improve health and social care delivery or the way people manage their own health care in the UK.*
  • Each team receives up to £75,000 of funding, over 15 months, to support the implementation and measurement of the project.

We support up to 23 projects with up to £75,000 in funding to test and develop innovative approaches to improve health care delivery and/or self-management of health and social care, through redesign of processes, practices, services and models of delivery.


Innovation is about doing things differently or doing new things to make positive change. The Health Foundation recognises that innovation takes different forms. Those projects involved in Innovating for Improvement are innovative in one of the following ways:

  • No previous history in any context – it is genuinely new or novel.
  • Transferred into the health space from another sector such as another public service body, another industry, academic research or a non-health-related field.
  • Transferred into the UK from an overseas health care system.
  • Transferred or adapted from one health care setting to another: for example, adult care to paediatrics, or social care to health care.


The latest round of the Innovating for Improvement programme involves project teams that have demonstrated a clear and convincing problem they want to address – a significant quality issue relevant to UK health care.

They have demonstrated how their projects will lead to direct benefits or impact on patients within the programme timescale of 15 months, including a set-up phase of up to three months beginning in January 2019.

    *excluding the Channel Islands. 

    Safer prescribing for frailty: polypharmacy reduction in general practice

    Improvement project

    This project aimed to reduce inappropriate prescribing, thereby preventing medication errors and reducing health care utilisation for older people living with frailty.

    Working together: creating a new model of community-centred care in care homes

    Improvement project

    This project aimed to improve the quality of health and care services for people living in residential care.

    A self-management digital platform for children and young people with ADHD

    Improvement project

    This project aimed to improve quality of care and self-management of children and young people with ADHD and their families.

    Positive Reporting and Appreciative Inquiry in Sepsis (PRAISe)

    Improvement project

    This project aimed to improve early sepsis management and antimicrobial stewardship.

    Delivering speech and language therapy through telemedicine to adults who stammer

    Improvement project

    This project aimed to increase support and treatment for adults who stammer, and equip them with long-term strategies to effectively manage their stammer.

    Live Well coaches in primary care

    Improvement project

    This project aimed to scale up and coordinate access to social and healthy behaviour change support.

    My Medical Record – Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Improvement project

    This project aimed to transform the delivery of care for patients with IBD, improve patient experience, and increase the efficiency and capacity of the clinical service.

    Pharmacy Anywhere

    Improvement project

    This project tested the use of telehealth to improve patient access to pharmaceutical care.

    Neuro LTC: Online integrated care plan

    Improvement project

    This project aims to improve communication and integration across various care settings, improve patient care and increase self-management capabilities.

    Optimising the treatment of MRSA through the use of computer models to personalise vancomycin dosing

    Improvement project

    This project aims to improve the way in which antibiotics are used in intensive care patients with MRSA blood stream infections.

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