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Long-term Investors in People’s Health A programme aiming to tackle the social, economic and environmental factors vital to ensuring a healthier society

Key points

  • The Health Foundation is pleased to support ShareAction’s Long-term Investors in People’s Health (LIPH) programme. 

  • The programme will receive funding from the Health Foundation alongside Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation.

Companies play an important role in shaping the social, commercial, and physical environments that in turn influence health – through the goods and services they sell, the quality of jobs they provide, and how they shape local communities and environments. Where companies invest their capital also has the potential to influence health.  

Yet most investors are overlooking health as an ESG (environmental, social and governance) issue, partly because of the lack of good quality and comprehensive data. 

The LIPH programme will give investors the tools to improve health outcomes for workers, consumers, and communities, by sharing best practice and creating opportunities to collaborate on corporate engagement. Investors are asked to commit to embed health into their policies and practices and use their influence to accelerate impact throughout the investment sector. 

About ShareAction

ShareAction is a UK-based responsible investment NGO with the mission to work towards 'a future where all finance powers social progress'. Their aim is to drive change in companies through three key mechanisms:  

  • direct engagement with investors
  • creating and supporting networks of people and organisations to support systems change
  • influencing regulation and policy to support responsible finance.


LIPH has two overarching aims: 

  • Health becomes a recognised core component of ESG frameworks and as a result leads investors to incorporate a consideration of health into their policies and practices.   

  • Investors incorporate health into their ongoing asset management, target companies have increased awareness of their potential impact upon population health and take action to improve the health impact of their activities.  

Learn more

Read ShareAction’s Investor guide on health. Developed to help asset owners and asset managers, the Investor guide on health sets out priority health topics, key sectors, existing metrics and investor initiatives which can help investors gain understanding on how to influence better health.

For more information on the investor coalition, resources for investors and updates on the programme’s progress see the ShareAction LIPH webpage.

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