Social and Economic Value of Health: Place (2019) An innovative research programme to investigate the impact of health on society and the economy

  • The Social and Economic Value of Health programme aims to develop knowledge around the impact of health on the social and economic outcomes of individuals and populations through funding original research.
  • Four research teams from UK universities have each been awarded between £250,000 and £350,000, with work commencing in early 2020.
  • The four research teams who received awards were Imperial College London, University College London, University of Manchester and University College London.


The 2019 round of the programme aims to understand the extent to which the health of a population (physical and/or mental) shapes the social and economic outcomes of that population.

The programme will help to develop understanding of the contribution that the overall level and distribution of wellbeing and health among the population in a geographical area makes to the social and economic prosperity of that place.

The outcomes of this programme should help to:

  • build knowledge of the relationship between a given population’s health and the health of individuals within that population
  • establish the definitions and metrics needed to examine the relationship between the health of a population in a place and the social and economic outcomes of that place.

We are funding four projects with awards between £250,000 and £350,000 for a maximum duration of two years.

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Research project

Children’s places: how they can shape health and influence social and economic outcomes

Research project

Led by Imperial College London, this project aims to understand how the health of secondary school...

Research project

Health of Older People in Places (HOPE)

Research project

Led by University College London, this project focuses on whether the proportion of older...

Research project

Novel methods to explore the value of cognitive health in a place

Research project

Led by University College London, this project explores the relationship between cognition and...

Research project

The health of places and the health and outcomes of individuals in those places

Research project

Led by the University of Manchester, this project investigates the extent to which the health of an...

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Programme and Policy Officer
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