Advancing Applied Analytics This funding programme aims to improve analytical capability in support of health and care services


This programme will be open for application in November 2019.

  • Our Advancing Applied Analytics is aimed at improving analytical capability in support of health and care services.
  • In each round of the programme, we have £750,000 of funding to support up to 12 project teams across the UK over 15 months.
  • The programme will open for applications on 25 November 2019.

Good quality analysis and the ability to use information effectively is an essential element in any learning health care system. Analysis can help shape care for individual patients as well as informing decisions for services or across organisations and health systems.


The Health Foundation’s Advancing Applied Analytics programme aims to improve analytical capability in support of health and care services.

We support analysts who work on local innovative and ambitious projects that improve analytical capability in support of health and care services and provide lessons for the wider care system. 

In each round we have £750,000 of funding to support up to 12 good quality projects that:

  • improve analytical capability and can show how this will support better care in the future
  • are led by a local/regional NHS or social care provider or commissioning organisation including local authorities, though partnerships with other groups and sectors are welcome
  • could benefit from funding of up to £75,000 per project for a maximum duration of 15 months.

We don’t focus on specific themes and consider applications from a broad range of areas, provided these can demonstrate improvements in analytical capability. We are especially interested in projects that address the capability deficiencies we identified in our recent report Understanding analytical capability in health care. For example:

  • better understand and structure the problems faced by managers/clinicians 
  • access and understand the evidence and information that can be brought to bear on a problem
  • apply appropriate and robust methods to manipulate information and data
  • communicate findings accurately and clearly.

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How to apply

Application materials and further information on how to apply for this programme will be available from 25 November 2019. 

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