Thinking differently about health We’re working with FrameWorks Institute to help people think differently about health.


Our health is shaped by a wide range of factors, from the jobs we do to the places where we live. These are the social (often referred to as the 'wider') determinants of health and they influence our opportunities to be healthy.

But when we talk about health, are we getting the message across? Is everyone seeing the full picture?

In the public debate about how to improve health in the UK, health inequalities and the social determinants are often left out or misunderstood. We’re working with FrameWorks to help people think differently about health.

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Communicating about long-term health during the pandemic

29 July 2020

The pandemic is compelling us all to think differently about what our society needs to be healthy....


Making messages work


We explore the research literature underpinning the communications principles to help public health...


Thinking differently about health: phase two


Find out about the next phase of our project with FrameWorks Institute to develop new ways to...


Reframing the conversation on the social determinants of health

February 2019

Analysis of public understanding, expert opinion and the media narrative around health, based on...

Newsletter feature

Plain talking about what makes us healthy

30 May 2019
Newsletter feature

Social awareness drives change. And yet media headlines reflect and reinforce an individualistic...

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In phase one, FrameWorks investigated public understanding, expert opinion and media narratives around health. They produced two research reports, which are available to download alongside our briefing summarising the main findings.

In phase two, FrameWorks will be developing and testing different ways to communicate more effectively about health.

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In phase two of this work we will be developing and testing new ways to communicate more effectively about health. To sign up for updates, email

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